You Said is the last album released by Jermaine Jackson. The album was released on January 13, 1992 on LaFace Records. The entire album was produced by The LaFace Family (which consisted of L.A. Reid, Babyface, Kayo, and Darryl Simmons.)

Album BackgroundEdit

L.A. and Babyface were designed to be what Quincy Jones was to Michael and what Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis were to Janet and had all the right elements for success.

But an ill-fated choice of the title song set the project on an unsteady course. The original version of "Word to the Badd" had been a scathing read on his poor relationship with his brother, Michael, at the time.

Leery of the controversy, Arista Records requested that Jermaine return to the studios and remove the scathing lyrics. Though the music was arguably hot, the entire incident would ultimately backfire when a leaked version of the original single wouldn't take hold at radio.


  1. You Said, You Said
  2. Rebel (With a Cause)
  3. I Dream, I Dream (Prelude)
  4. I Dream, I Dream
  5. We're Making Woopee
  6. Treat You Right
  7. A Lovers Holiday
  8. Secrets
  9. True Lovers
  10. Don't You Deserve Someone
  11. Word to the Badd! (feat. T-Boz)
  12. You Said, You Said [Extended Remix]