Album 13

Triumph is the 13th album by The Jacksons that was released on Epic Records on October 18, 1980.

Album Background\ProductionEdit


  1. Can You Feel It [6:00]-(written by Michael and Jackie Jackson)
  2. Lovely One [4:52]-(written by Michael & Randy Jackson)
  3. Your Ways [4:31]-(written by Jackie Jackson)
  4. Everybody [5:00]-(written by Michael & Tito Jackson, and Mike McKinney)
  5. This Place Hotel [5:44]-(written by Michael Jackson)
  6. Time Waits For No One [3:24]-(written by Jackie & Randy Jackson)
  7. Walk Right Now [6:29]-(written by Michael, Jackie & Randy Jackson)
  8. Give It Up [4:20]-(written by Michael & Randy Jackson)
  9. Wondering Who [4:19]-(written by Jackie & Randy Jackson)

Album Chart PerformanceEdit

Year Album Chart positions
US Billboard 200 US Billboard
R&B Albums
1980 Triumph 10 1