Reaction is the second album released by Rebbie Jackson. The album was released on March 9, 1986 on Columbia Records.


  1. Reaction (5:39)-[written by David Conley, David Townsend, & B. Jackson]
  2. Ain't No Way to Love (5:39)-[written by Robert Brookins, T. Haynes, & P. Bailey]
  3. Ticket to Love (4:48)-[written by E. Nuri]
  4. You Don't Know What You're Missing (3:51)-[written by H. Rice, A.D. Rich, and B. Fasman]
  5. You Send the Rain Away (feat. Robin Zander) (4:59)-[written by P. Grass, G. Sklerov, & L. Macaluso]
  6. If You Don't Call (You Don't Care) (5:11)-[written by E. Nuri & P. Henderson]
  7. Always Wanting Something (4:27)-[written by Tito Jackson & Vassal Benford]
  8. Tonight I'm Yours (feat. Isaac Hayes) (4:16)-[written by V. Benford, Rebbie Jackson, & L. Brantley]
  9. Lessons (In the Fine Art of Love) (4:37)-[written by Reggie Lucas & L.L. Smith]

Album Chart PerformanceEdit

Chart (1986) Peak
U.S. R&B Albums Chart 54