Forever, Michael is the 4th album by Michael Jackson that was released on January 16, 1975 on Motown Records, his last record on the label.

Album Background\ProductionEdit

The album would be Michael's fourth overall album and his last album on Motown Records before he and his brothers (except for Jermaine) left Motown for CBS Records a year later.

Most of the tracks on the album were recorded in 1974 and it was originally supposed to be released in that year, but due to the demand of the Jackson 5's hit song "Dancing Machine," the production on "Forever, Michael" was delayed until the hype from "Dancing Machine" wore down.

In 1981, Motown Records released "One Day in Your Life" as a single which was coupled with the release of the "One Day in Your Life" compilation album to capitalize off the success of Michael's "Off the Wall" album on Epic Records.

The compact disc version of "Forever Michael" removes the white border around the photograph of Michael from the album cover and makes the image larger instead so that the background can't be seen. Furthermore, the "FOREVER, MICHAEL" text is changed to more simple text which lists both "MICHAEL JACKSON" and "Forever, Michael" in a different font.


  1. We're Almost There [3:42]-(written by Edward Holland Jr. & Brian Holland)
  2. Take Me Back [3:24]-(written by Edward Holland Jr. & Brian Holland)
  3. One Day in Your Life [4:15]-(written by Sam Brown III & Renée Armand)
  4. Cinderella Stay Awhile [3:08]-(written by Michael Burnett Sutton)
  5. We've Got Forever [3:10]-(written by Elliot Willensky)
  6. Just a Little Bit of You [3:10]-(written by Edward Holland Jr. & Brian Holland)
  7. You Are There [3:21]-(written by Sam Brown III, Randy Meitzenheimer and Christine Yarian)
  8. Dapper Dan (Freestyle) [3:11]-(written by Don Fletcher)
  9. Dear Michael [2:35]-(written by Hal Davis & Elliot Willensky)
  10. I'll Come Home To You [3:02]-(written by Freddie Perren & Christine Yarian)

 Album Chart PerformanceEdit

Charts (1975) Peak
U.S. Billboard 200 101
U.S. Billboard R&B Albums 10